Service and Social Justice

These ministries are focused on service, advocacy, and justice:

  • Development & Peace
  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Project J (Jamaica)

If you would like to go deeper in your call to be a light to the world please see the brochures in the foyer for more information.


We go to church on Sundays and on special celebrations, such as, Christmas, Easter, weddings, baptisms, confirmation, etc.

Why do we do that? It is our time with the Lord. We visit with Him, eat at His table, listen to His word. And then … we go home filled with the Spirit and ready for the week ahead.

During that week, we go to work, look after our families, visit with friends, attend Bible school, prayer meetings and other meetings. Maybe we go to a movie or for a walk while we pray the rosary.

But among all these things we do, we must also tend to our brothers and sisters in need. We must make sure that they have food and clothing and shelter, as much as we can.

Often it is hard work, but if we do it with a smile and an open heart … if we
fill ourselves with love and share that love with them, we receive so much more than we give.

This Lent, we ask ourselves … have we put the Word of God into action … have we done the Lord’s work … have we gone to work in Christ’s vineyard?

God bless you for all you do for Him and for His sons and daughters.

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